The nuclear industry is a complex environment.

Sometimes you’re just missing that one critical piece to your operation that will lead to improved performance, enhanced regulatory standing, and a better-looking bottom line.

Sometimes that missing piece is a highly qualified and capable member of your team. Sometimes it’s a critical programmatic “tool” in your arsenal that is broken and needs repair. Other times, you just need a trusted guide to help you discover what that missing piece is.

AT YOUR SERVICE is small business dedicated to helping you find that missing piece and making your business successful.

We help improve your top and bottom lines by connecting you with quality professionals to join your team, by joining with you to help solve complex and challenging problems, and by providing a fresh set of eyes to review your operations for needed fixes and improvement opportunities.

We are veterans of the nuclear industry and understand the challenges you face daily with customers, regulators, suppliers, contractors, and even members of the public and elected officials.

People • Processes • Perspective


We help you find GREAT PEOPLE

  • We offer Executive & Professional placement services through a carefully selected and cultivated network of nearly 9,000 industry participants
  • We provide Life and Business coaching for each team member we place in your organization to ensure a successful transition and long-term success.


We can build or repair your critical processes and programs.

We are nuclear industry experts.

We understand what it takes to make your business run efficiently and effectively in a heavily regulated environment.

  • Radiological Control/Health Physics in pre/post-operational, operational, and D&D environments
  • Training (RSO, Rad Worker, General Employee, Health Physicist, ISM, HRO)
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Document Management
  • Integrated Safety Management
  • High Reliability/Human Performance
  • Nuclear facility and process design (with expertise in TRU processing and handling)
  • Waste Management for LLRW, HLRW, and SNF
  • Licensing and Authorization Basis
  • Marketing & Innovation for the Nuclear Industry


We offer fresh sets of eyes and ears to locate and fix problems you might not have been able to see.

  • Independent and management directed audits
  • Required regulatory assessments
  • Workplace and Safety Culture reviews
  • Executive Coaching for company and organization leaders


Your New Home for Professional Development